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Watch and hear all the exclusive content from classical musician Zachary Ploeger all in one place on any device for a low monthly membership fee.

Hear performances, interviews and much more relating to classical music centered around the activities of trumpeter, composer, conductor and educator Zachary Ploeger.

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  • Repertoire for Trumpet and Organ - Season One

    8 videos

    Zachary Ploeger and Miriam Hickman perform beautiful originals and arrangments for trumpet and organ.

  • Zachary Ploeger in Concert - Season One

    8 videos

    Hear Zachary Ploeger and Miriam Hickman perform classic works for trumpet and piano.

  • Trumpet Pedagogy with David Hickman

    15 videos

    Explore the world of Trumpet Pedagogy with the world's leading expert, David Hickman. Watch 15 episodes and over 18 hours of everything you need to know about the trumpet. Topics include: High Register, Endurance, Mouthpieces, Mutes, Starting Beginners, Embouchure Formation and Control, Articulat...

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